Wednesday, April 19, 2006

To keep in the spirit of Dr. Doom

As many of you know about me I have this crazy fasination with the writings of Mark Twight. Here is a portion of one of his articles.

What's your problem? I think I know. You see it in the mirror every morning: temptation and doubt hip to hip inside your head. You know it's not supposed to be like this. But you drank the Kool-Aid and dressed yourself up in someone else's life.
You're haunted because you remember having something more. With each drag of the razor you ask yourself why you piss your blood into another man's cup. Working at the job he offered, your future is between his thumb and forefinger. And the necessary accessories, the proclamations of success you thought gave you stability provide your boss security. Your debt encourages acquiescence, the heavy mortgage makes you polite.
Aren't you sick of being tempted by an alternative lifestyle, but bound by chains of your own choosing? Of the gnawing doubt that the college graduate, path of least resistance is the right way for you - for ever? Each weekend you prepare for the two weeks each summer when you wake up each day and really ride, or climb; the only imperative being to go to bed tired. When booming thermals shoot you full of juice and your Vario shrieks 7m/sec, you wonder if the lines will pop. The risk pares away life’s trivia. Up there, sucking down the thin cumulus, the earth looks small, the boss even smaller, and you wish it could go on forever. But a wish is all it will ever be.
Because the ground is hard. Monday morning is harsh. You wear the hangover of your weekend rush under a strict and proper suit and tie. You listen to NPR because it's inoffensive, PFC: Politically Fucking Correct. Where's the counter-cultural righteousness that had you flirting with Bad Religion and the vintage Pistols tape over the weekend? On Monday you eat frozen food and live the homogenized city experience. But Sunday you thought about cutting your hair very short. You wanted a little more volume and wondered how out of place you looked in the Sub Pop Music Store. Flipping through the import section, you didn't recognize any of the bands. KMFDM? It stands for Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode. Didn't you know? How could you not?
Tuesday you look at the face in the mirror again. It stares back, accusing. How can you get by on that one weekly dose? How can you be satisfied by the artifice of these experiences? Why should your words mean anything? They aren't learned by heart and written in blood. If you cannot grasp the consciousness-altering experience that real mastery of these disciplines proposes, of what value is your participation? The truth is pointless when it is shallow. Do you have the courage to live with the integrity that stabs deep?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am really starting to get burned out here with school. I am definatley ready for all this madness to be over. I know that once I graduate I will be looking forward to getting back in to school, but right now that is NOT the case. Its once of those situations were I have so many irons in the fire I just can't focus on a single one and the rest get neglected. Ohwell, soon enough I guess.

"Deep in my cells I know there's something bad at the end if I don't get through it. This keeps me honest. It keeps me scared. I am stronger because I know there is a consequence. I know I can't get away with slacking off. This is what happens when you ascend above mediocrity. It's a game. It's a test. It is the way I live my life." -- Mark Twight, Alpinest

Monday, April 17, 2006

Well, this is the week for my plant taxonomy test. Wish me luck!! I have been and will be studing a quite a bit. Actually thats what I was just doing, but I am taking a break now.

The weekend went well. My family moved into their new house in appleton. I didn't mind staying with my grandparents, but it sure feels nice to have our own place in town. Our main house still is upnorth.

I went diving with Amy on Saturday, which went very well. The water is either starting to warm up quite a bit or Amy is getting tougher, but either way we stayed under for about 30minutes. Thats just about double our last dive. While we where there we met another diver that was Very nice, but quite a stroke. (i.e. VERY VERY unsafe)

Easter went well, and ofcourse ate too much. Amys grandma gave me a easter card, and she had put $5 in it. WOW that was super nice. I would have given it back but she is the type that would never except it back.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sorry about the....

security word thing on my comments part. I was getting some spam shit in there and so I am going to try this in order to stop it.

What a beautiful day outside, and I am stuck in the computer lab....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This sucks ass.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Well here is how my weekend went. Friday I went home right after class and intended on grabbing all my scuba stuff and doing a dive with my friend Jim. (Amy had to work) Jim is a new diver with only about 30 dives under his belt, but was introduced to a NAUI technical diving course. The course will cover every thing from adv. nitrox (21-100%oxygen mixtures) to diving 200ft with trimix. I have been helping him for the past 6-8month on his diving knowledge, theory , and skills. Friday was his first dive with double back tanks, drysuit and a decompression bottle (another bottle on the front of the diver used to rid the body of excess Nitrogen) After I talked to him about the dive plan and proper techniques for diving a drysuit, we dove. We dove to 81ft for 35minutes in water that was 38degrees. Both of us where toasty worm with our drysuits. Long story short, the dive went well, and Jim did great considering everything that was new to him.

Considering the preperation time and the total dive time, I did not get home until 7:30!!! This is important considering I told Amy I would be home by 6:30, since we had a dinner date at 7. MAN, did I blow it!!! Anyways, I felt terrible and Amy forgave my sorry ass. We ended up going to Texas roadhouse at 8 and being seated right away. Mmmmmmmmmm that food was GOOD! Good idea Amy!!

Saturday was a day of sitting around, watching TV, hung out with Joe for a couple hours and thats about it.

Sunday I went diving again with Jim, this time after his church service (he's a pastor). We ended up doing one dive to 81ft for 30min and another to 30ft for 15mins. Everything was pretty uneventful, but I am still tring to figure out my weighting needs with my drysuit, deco bottle, and light. I think I have it figured out though.
After the dives I went home to meet Amy and head over to her Grandmas house for her birthday. That was a fun time. I ate some pizza and played dominos for the first time. Fun game!!

Well that all for now....Lets see, Next weekend my family is moving into our new house, hopefully dive some more and relax.

Song of the day- Just got Wicked By: Cold

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just had too.....

This seasons diving gasses...... (might need more)

Two bottles of oxygen and One bottle of Helium!!!
Well this is hopefully a week that I can regain some of my sanity {term and concept I stole from Chris.... :) } as compared to last week and studing for plant taxonomy.

I had an amazing weekend, but you can read all about it here,
One thing about diving with Amy is that I absolutly trust her underwater. She has been diving so long that I know she will never cease to amaze me. I have dove with some tech divers (trimix, deep wreck....all that hardcore shit) but I can honestly say that I feel more comfortable with her, then them. She would make an AMAZING scuba instructor!!!!

Today is one of my motivated days, so I need to take advantage of that. I emailed people, prepared for my next plant tax test (in two weeks....eeeekkkk) and more.

song of the day....... Earth Day, Every Day (celebrate) by: John Denver