Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A week to relax

Well I took this week off just to relax, and for the most part I have to say its been nice. I have been able to get a number of things done and papers signed. I just signed up today for my health insurance, dental and all that crap. The plan that Extreme Heating and Cooling has seems to be pretty good and its not going to cost me a ton.
Amy is doing the full time thing and Mountain Bay right now, so at least she is making some money. I will be living at home for a while because the price is right and I really need to pay off some loans. This will give me a chance to do that. Depending on when I get back in to school, I may or may not move out until then. I figure it will be about a year or so.....not too bad.
I am pretty muched moved out of my house that I lived in for the last three years of college, but I will need to go back one more tiem to finishing cleaning. I don't think I will miss the house but I will miss the freedom of living there, not to mention the guys. Well at least most of guys.

I am madly attemping to get back in to shape.....its not that I put alot of weight on but I just don't feel fit. I have resumed running and will continue to do that again. Hopefully I will be able to lift again too....i might go to a gym or maybe use some of the weights I own.

Song of the day...... Anarachy in the UK -Sex Pistols


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