Thursday, May 11, 2006

Just about done

I am just about done with my undergraduate career, but ofcourse its not an easy last couple of weeks. I was origanally planning on graduating with a Wildlife degree but foound out that I can also get a Bio degree. To get the bio degree I need to get a B- in my plant tax class. Now this is totally possible, but I will be by the skin of my teeth. I had not planned on getting that but it would be very nice to double major. I really hope I can do it. It will be close. I suppose I can afford to put in some long nights and day becuase I only have like a week left.
After that I will be working for my Dad and making some needed money. I plan on taking my GRE's in july some time and attempt to get back in to gratuate school. Problem is I just don't know for what. I have had a few ideas but none of them really tripped my trigger (so to speak).

We will see what happens...


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