Friday, May 19, 2006


Well its true, I am finally done with my undergraduate degrees. I busted my ass and will be getting a degree in both Wildlife management and Biology. So then those of you that have been following my Plant tax dilemma, I did get the B in the course. I enjoyed the course, but not the ass whooping it deleveried to me. So then this sunday I have commencment and all that jazz. THEN........Then the real world. Like I have said before I will be working for my Dad doing construction and making some long awaited cash. I will be living a home for a while, or at least until I can get my feet more stably planted on the ground. I will also soon be registering for the GRE.

**I will see what I can do to my my blog except your comments....I orginally messed with it cause I was getting spam comments, but I will try to fix it.


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Testing Testing one two

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