Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For all the glory...

Well, well, well Its been quite a while since I updated this. I think its about time. There is so much stuff that is new i don't know where to begin. I Have been working quite abit, but at least I am making decent money. Enough to pay the bill and some left for fun. I broke my streak of diving at least once a week but I guess its ok because I was super busy. But then again, Jim and I will be doing some dives this weekend at wazee.
I do have to admit that I have good friends.....when my lazy ass doesn't call, they call me. Which is good, I really miss alot of my friends.

Any lastly I do admit I am jealous of Amy .....she gets to do the college thing...

well guess that little chunck of words are my thoughts..

Song of the day........... Anti-flag -press corpes