Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well, once again its been some time since I updated last. Since then I have been, ofcourse, diving and I also managed to get down to Devils Lake for some climbing with my buddy Joe and the boys. I am a bit rusty but all and all can't complain too much about it.

I have since taken over the Home Depot Maintainence acoount for my dads company Extreme Heating. The job isn't too bad. Some times a bit boring but I am esentually my own boss and it will most definantly will help pay the bills.
Unforutuneatly I have been working some big weeks for extreme, but then this weekend and the next I have to work for Mountain Bay. I will be making a shit ton of money but my life really ceases to exist. Bummer I think in about a week or two things will stabalize and I will have more time to do my fun things.

You know, otherwise I really don't have much to talk about.

song of the day....Twenty-first century digital fool - Bad Religion


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